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What’s your resolution? New Decade Energy ⚡

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

We are a month into the new decade and everyone develops these new year's resolutions that typically focus on healthy eating, exercising more, and/or saving money.

According to a study conducted by the University of Scranton, just 8 percent of people actually achieve their New Year’s goals, while around 80% fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions, says US clinical psychologist Joseph Luciani.

I started the year by traveling to Europe (my favorite part of the world, if you know me) and it’s been a great way to kick off 2020 (grateful does not encapsulate the feeling). Now that it’s day 22 of the year, I can say that developing a new habit is tough.

Instead of calling it a “new years resolution,” I am focusing on adopting this “new habit.” It is said that it takes roughly 28 days to develop a habit, so what’s my habit (you may ask)? My habit is to hold myself accountable. It’s odd when I’m doing several things at a week as a new found entrepreneur.

I know it’s TMI (too much information) to say the list of things that I do. Some may ask, “how are funding your expenses and trips abroad?” The short answer: hustle. The long answer: I am a freelance journalist, digital content creator/marketer for brands/people, seller of vegan haircare/skincare and the Creative Director of a networking community of women in Spain, Femprendedoras.

WOW. “But, Barbie… where do you find the time?” It’s impossible.

Let me debate that notion. It’s really not if you hold yourself accountable. If you develop habits that help you organize yourself like planning the week ahead on a Sunday, for example. I also use management tools like Asana and track time of my projects like Clockify.

How did I learn all of this? Short answer: like-minded communities. The long answer: I’m a part of the community of female entrepreneurs in Spain, which opens doors for relationships that can help elevate me as well as I to them. I shape my social media channels accordingly to the circle I want to surround myself, and so I follow other digital nomad women who work “atypical” jobs like virtual assistants, full-time freelancers, or entrepreneurs in various industries.

As I write this blog post, I look at my surroundings and live in a moment of surreal-ness (I know not a word… pero like whatever) because I am in Spain. If you know me or have heard me talk about my Europe 2020 goals, I said I would be in Europe in January 2020. Talk about accountability and manifestation at its’ finest!

I invite you to do the same. Develop a habit and make it your new decade energy (let me know on Instagram).

Gotta Go. My Higher Self is calling. -B

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