The Start & End of Something New

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Hello! Hola! Olá! Hallo! Bonjour!

My name is Barbara Estrada and if you’ve made it this far then welcome to my blog! Work In Progress started off as a pipe dream podcast, which streams on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. If you haven’t listened to it, I advise you to stop what you are reading and go follow! Then… come back.

Welcome back! This blog will be a space for my mental thoughts to lay to rest on “virtual paper” where I will be criticizing the world’s way of consumption, the societal behaviors and norms we conform to living in. I believe in living a “toxic-free product” lifestyle to “equal rights to all humans & animals.” Now, before you stop reading, I am not a self-proclaimed anything. This blog will be a challenge for me to really be mindful of the words I choose and rid myself of the labels that I am tired of using to justify myself and my actions. Will I succeed?

Why should you tune into my words? My core lies in the environment, sustainability, women’s rights, and human equality. It’s that simple. SO, I will take this space to give you the best content possible that will not only be useful for me but for you. Take it or leave it, I will guarantee it will be worth the reading.

I encourage all of you to join me in this conversation since all of us eventually need to socialize. After all, we are designed to interact with one another. Until next entry.

Gotta Go. My Higher Self is calling. -B

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