Does Sh*t Really Get Better? I Can Tell You This.

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Sometimes I wonder the answer to that question, but then I also reach that point of - enough is enough. These doubts and thoughts of insecurity have consumed my entire adolescence and I am no longer letting it crawl into my 20s; “if only it was that easy,” you might say as you’re reading this.

Take it from me. I’ve played this narrative in my head for 24 years of my life that I am alone in this world and all I have is… myself. It’s a scary, daunting, debilitating thought to live with every single day. Yet, rarely anyone knows what is going on inside our brains. I’m taking a massive leap in trusting the interweb and you that you’ll keep my words and honesty in the palm of your hands - safe.

This week’s podcast, I speak with a friend, McKenna, whom I met while I studied abroad in the Basque Country of Spain. A brilliant, resilient spirit. I don’t know if i have expressed that enough to her, but I do know she has heard how “perfect” her life is all her life. Doesn’t that sound assuring? Someone like McKenna should have their confidence levels at Beyoncé. But, even Bey experiences insecurities like each and every one of us.

I want to unveil this perfect conversation behind mental health or “brain health,” as i like to call it sometimes. It’s a realm that we are just hitting the surface and we need to break down what it means to be “depressed,” or “suicidal.” I hear at times people losing someone or knowing someone who lost a loved one to suicide. McKenna is a survivor of her crippling depression and when I asked her if anyone around her knew, she told me - no (with the exception of her mom, sister and boyfriend at the time). Now, is that enough to save you from yourself?

This world can be scary as a 20-something-year-old navigating these adult spaces that NO ONE prepares us for. In fact, nothing prepares us for this.

Body positivity and traveling overseas are other topics we also dive into. So, I invite you to join us. Head over to THIS link to listen to this podcast.

Last but not least, I leave you with: “Sh*t does get better. Remember that.”

Gotta Go. My Higher Self is calling. -B

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