Diversity Does Not Mean Race. It Actually Means Something More.

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

We’ve heard time and time again this word - diversity. What does it mean? By definition, diversity means, “the condition of having or being composed of different elements.” In other words, we are all intersectional. Not one thing makes us, us.

Lets’ use me as an example, shall we? I am not only a cis-gender, female, but I am also a white, Latina with the soul of a fighter. i am spiritual, not religious. I resonate with feminine energy and can channel masculine energy when necessary. I switch up my style and do not like to fit a mold of what “I am supposed to be.” That’s just not me and never has been. And, that is okay.

It’s easy for me, you can say. However, we all have stories of triumph and trial. We are constantly tested. Our stories are constantly rewritten and proven against our truths. My truth is the reality I live with the trauma that make me, me but does not define me. You understand? All of this, what I am saying, is nothing but a definition.

Race has become part of that definition I opened up this post with. It’s become this word that has associated itself according to society’s understanding of what diversity means, but always bearing in mind the intersectionality of what makes us human. It’s a natural thing.

“No matter who you are, we are always transitioning.” -Caiden

In my conversation with Caiden on my podcast, Work In Progress, this is what we discuss. This mentality that we all need to fit a label for the convenience of understanding instead of accepting is what we discuss as well as being a 20-something year old out of college with a degree that you aren’t necessarily using and how that isn’t a terrible thing to say. Caiden uses their Spanish degree in other ways that are not so “linear,” which is a path that we dive into the episode.

Head over to THIS link to listen to this podcast conversation.

Let’s try to make this world a “us and them” as opposed to “us versus them.” It ends with the millennial generation.

Gotta Go. My Higher Self is calling. -B

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